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Re: Smallville 9x01 "Savior" - Discuss/Grade <SPOILERS>

Procutus PM'd me a question, and I hope he doesn't mind me posting it here, because I think it is an interesting question and I too would like to hear what you all think.


I'm confused; how do you figure that Lois only went one year into the future? I thought the ring was designed to send someone into the 31st Century; hence Rokk telling Clarke to send Doomsday into the future so that the Legion could deal with him.

Your theory makes sense from the point of view of Lois' dream and the length of the season, but why did she only go forward a year?
I'm dumbfounded on this one too. My guesses are either that the wearer of the ring can control the time field, and thus Lois didn't know how and she misused it and it only sent her 1 year into the future. This makes a lot of sense since Clark is able to use it freely to travel into the past and all, so the ring wearer must be able to control where they go.

Or, maybe the ring wearer has to be "super powered" to use it correctly? Has any non super power being used it before?
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