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Re: Bad news for V remake

You can count me as someone who was, at the very least, looking forward to seeing a new take on the V concept -- though, I seriously doubt any reincarnation can match the character and thematic work of the original mini-series. And even though the trailers didn't do a whole for me, personally, I'm still disappointed that the series itself seems doomed before it even airs.

As for V:The Second Generation ... it really is a terrible novel. The worst part, aside from the writing, characters and pacing, is that the plot is entirely unoriginal. Kenneth Johnson was so ticked off at the direction that V: The Final Battle was taking, that he left the project. But after twenty years to craft something definitive, his story was almost an exact duplicate of The Final Battle -- just on a slightly larger scope. Even the "new" characters were carbon copies of old characters.

Here's hoping the re-make at least provides some fresh perspective. Short-lived though it may be.
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