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Re: Season 3 Blu-Ray: December 15

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Of course, my dream release would be one with the original bumpers, etc...similar to the Twilight Zone Definitive Collection. I love sitting down and watching that. Its as close as I'll ever get to see the program as initially aired.
To make it even more similar to TZ, they could dig up old footage of Shatner and Nimoy peddling cigarrettes a la Serling in TZ season two. It could be like this:

Kirk: That was certainly a tough scrape we found ourselves in this week, wouldn't you say, Mister Spock?

Spock: Most assuredly, Captain.

Kirk: Well after this little adventure, I need to unwind.

McCoy: Try these, Jim. Kingston Lights. Doctor's orders.

Spock: Captain, I must agree with the doctor. Kingston Lights are the logical choice for great tasting cigarrettes.

All three light up.

Kirk: These taste wonderful, Bones. You know something?

McCoy: What's that?

Kirk: I think I'm ready for our next adventure.

Cut to preview for next week's episode...
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