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Re: Sci-fi book recommendations?

AntonyF wrote: View Post
Bejesus, that's a lot of suggestions. Thanks guys. I'll need to trawl Amazon and read about them.

I wish I had an eBook reader, it'd be easier!
Keep in mind, Antony, that what I posted was a distilled list of 31 years of reading scifi at an average rate(until 3 yrs ago when my son was born) of 5 books a week. What I listed is truly cream-of-the-crop stuff, albeit an incomplete list of same.

indianatrekker26 wrote: View Post
I just started reading Dies the Fire by S.M. Stirling. I'm really enjoying it.
I dug it too but he gets very heavy-handed about the Wicca stuff later on. Don't say I didn't warn you. I actually found myself skimming in sections of the later books. I never did that in his Nantucket trilogy.
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