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Re: Crossovers that never happened but you wish would

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isnt that still a crossover? the fictional Detective John Munch appearing in Doctor Who, pretty much tells us that Doctor Who & Law & Order share the same reality.

Munch appeared on X-Files and L&O, yet those two shows obviously do not share a 'verse.

Besides, Homicide - which *does* share a continuity with L&O - has already established that XF is fictional within it. So therefore XF is fictional in L&O as well. The fact that Munch appeared in both, is irrelevant.
but doesn't a fictional element (usually a character) from one show, appearing in another one, always prove that the two shows are in the same verse?

the problem is shows do not pay enough attention to these things, and get sloppy.

You cant have the case of Law&Order in one episode watch (or talk about watching) the X-Files and then in the next one, meet Mulder & Scully?
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