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Re: Smallville 9x01 "Savior" - Discuss/Grade <SPOILERS>

Great take on it Dagman. It helped make some sense of a very muddled season opener. I think it was too jumbled, with too many plotlines all thrown together. I hope that Zod is an earlier, cloned version of General Zod, like Dagman theorized, because it'll suck if he's supposed to be Zod's son, which would minimize to some extent the importance of Davis, and it would make me wonder why they didn't just hire the dude to play Zod at the end of Season 5 instead of doing the Lex-Zod thing (which I hated). Anyway, I think the Zod thing could've waited until the second episode. There was enough stuff going on with the intro of Corben, the mysterious assassin, and Lois bringing Ollie back into the fold. Not to mention "Punisher" Clark.

I hope they change the "S" red in future episodes, like a poster had suggested in another thread. I also liked the sunglasses or visor idea previously mentioned. From the episode 2 preview I can tell they are rushing the Metallo thing too. I liked Brian Austin Green and I think he would make a good season long or half-season long villain. I'm not sure he'll be around past ep. 2 now, dang.

As for the world ending, I thought the woman was referring to Kandor and not Earth. But that Clark, not knowing about Kandor, mistook the reference to Earth. I am confused though about the Kryptonian clones, when did that happen? Was it explained why Kandor was destroyed or who destroyed it? I just remember that orb telling Tess that should could be the savior and then a naked guy-Davis-supposed to be Zod's vessel?-appearing in the season finale.
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