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Bad news for V remake

If Zap2It's report is accurate, things aren't looking good for the much-anticipated V remake.

According to the story, plans call for only 4 episodes to air in November and then they're taking the show off the air for an undisclosed length of time - allegedly so it doesn't compete with the Olympics but last I looked the Olympics don't happen in December and January - and then bring it back as an "event" for the remainder of the 13 episodes sometime in 2010.

According to the report, production was already shut down suddenly after a couple of weeks suggesting some retooling.

Not a good sign, especially since this sort of "pre-planned hiatus" was already done with Defying Gravity and odds are Americans will be lucky if they see the remaining DG episodes burned off on a Saturday sometime next summer.

So does this suggest that ABC has already given up on V (and science fiction, given how they treated Defying Gravity; they also did this to Pushing Daisies' second season)? I don't really trust this in terms of it being any gauge regarding how good the show is or not - Defying Gravity IMO was one of the best shows of the year - but could it be a sign that the new V isn't going to be the BSG 2.0 we all were hoping it'd be...

I'm a little annoyed because it was literally the only new show of the season (AMC's miniseries The Prisoner notwithstanding) that I had any interest in. I will say I'm getting a lot of reading done!

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