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Re: Smallville 9x01 "Savior" - Discuss/Grade <SPOILERS>

Outstanding episode. Just watched it. Best premire season season five IMO. The Dagman pretty much theorized the questions that I was going to ask. The only thing though is that the woman mentions the Battle at Kandor...perhaps this is the Battle against Brainiac that is mentioned in Superman: Brainiac where Kandor is taken. Or another battle just for Smallville that we don't know about it. Erica and Allison were especially hot in this episode. I'm loving the Crest of El. I really want a score to be released this year....hope they make it happen. Callum Blue is impressing me as a younger Zod.who hasn't yet rebelled against the Science Council. They didn't expain Jor-El talking to Clark all of a sudden like I thought they wouldn't. Remember that Clark said that he stopped talking to him when Brainiac had corrupted the fortress last season. I'm curious as to when the simulcrum was restored. I'm also curiuos about Aria (that is who the woman was who attacked Lois and Clark from the future) she seemed intimate towards Clark with her hand gesture. So far like usual we're off with a bang....hopefully we can sustain the momentum so far. Brian Austen Green is bad ass as Corben, can't wait to see his downfall and transformation into Metallo, and Gaeta Hamiton is awesome. Loved seeing Watchtower brought online. Chloe should have expected that Clark would say no to her request. She needs to deal with her mistake. The Lois dream sequence was REALLY intriguing indeed. Didn't like seeing Chloe unconscience though. Seems like there is actually a plan for this season...
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