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Re: Smallville 9x01 "Savior" - Discuss/Grade <SPOILERS>

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And of course, there's the mystery of the Kryptonian ninja woman. -- RR
Not really, she is part of Zods army as they showed, apparently Clark betrays them or something, and she was pissed and wanted to off his head. Nothing really special there, other than she had his dads watch, so maybe they become close or something, or maybe she killed him in the future, heh.
Oh, OK. I missed the first 10 minutes -- was whipping up some dinner and didn't heed the time. Thanks for the clarification.

A few of you mentioned that maybe Clark should change his look to distinguish himself from his real self. Since his outfit is kind of Superboy inspired, he could adopt the sunglasses/visor bit the clone Superboy did. But that would make him look more like Neo for sure!

And since we've seen him an an outfit inspired by Jor-El's black one in Superman: The Movie, I hope we get to see him in an all-white outfit with a black "S," again, like Jor-El's other movie outfit.

Perhaps he'll move to the red-and-blue color scheme with this particular outfit.

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