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Re: Smallville 9x01 "Savior" - Discuss/Grade <SPOILERS>

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Army green and dog tags? Really?
The tags were a recurring thing, as I seem to recall one with the crest of El on it before. However, I thought that Zod (and thusly the rest of them) showed up sans clothes. So I can see them gravitating to army surplus wardrobe here. Making due with what is around them and all that. Lex likely had stores of all that stuff there at the mansion, and Armani wasn't really their style, so they went the comfort/function route.

It also appears that these Kryptonians are clones that were created at the end of last season. The orb likely held the blood samples one of them mentioned was the last thing they remembered giving. And their memories were recorded there as well, maybe in the fractal shape of the orb itself. They mentioned they were on their way to battle in Kandor. So I am assuming the orb was Jor-El's emergency back up file of Krypton's military elite, taken from some time before Zod turned against the ruling Science Council of Krypton. So they are effectively newborns, and they don't have their powers yet for the same reason that Clark didn't when he was young. They haven't soaked up enough energy yet.

This episode felt more like a teaser for things to come all season rather than an actual episode. BAG should have been saved for next week and Metallo another week or two after that. I feel like we were denied a good dramatic reunion of Chloe and Lois at the hospital. Chloe should have been able to tell her about Jimmy and allowed the two cousins to commiserate a bit there over his loss. The Kryptonian woman from next year could have attacked Lois in the hospital as well, instead of shoehorning Ollie into the episode for no real reason. Dr. Hamilton explained his absence sufficiently enough.

All in all, a good opening but it was feeling a tad bit rushed and in need of a bit more detailing.
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