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Re: Everyone leaves L&O:CI?!

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The way things are going all the current L&Os will be off the air within 2-3 years tops. L&O is on it's last leg, SVU the main characters are thinking about leaving the show, and CI is now completely a different show. What will the world look like without a L&O on the air?!
Maybe now would be a good time to bring back Homicide. I liked it better than any of the L&O's anyway.
Though I widely prefer The Wire, I'm in the middle of season four of Homicide: Life on the Street right now and boy, is it miles and miles above Law & Order. But, then again, it was a character drama, not a procedural, and thus is not "character proof" in any way. However, I'd be happy to see it return to television nonetheless.

I'm tempted every so often to tune into SVU just to spend some more time watching John Munch, but everytime I've seen it has been so mind-numbingly bland that I haven't seriously entertained the thought much.
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