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Re: Smallville 9x01 "Savior" - Discuss/Grade <SPOILERS>

Was interesting... I like the sorta "suit" Clark has now, although he really does need to change his "Clark" look more. So people get used to that, or do something different to his "look" when he's "Super-Neo". Even just slicking his hair back more. Give Clark his glasses back, dress him more business like, too bad he doesn't have "super hair growth powers" and give "Clark a bit of stubble or something.

Hey I thought of something... when he's Clark, have him hang onto his blue K, so he can grow stubble, look and act more normal, then when he changes, the blue K goes in a box and he changes into Super-Neo and if anyone goes "You look a lot like Clark Kent." "Oh I get that all the time." or just outright LIE and say "Well, I'm a friend of the family and Clark helped me and well, I'm really a Kryptonian and my face was damaged so I made mine similar to his..."

Okay that's lame. Nevermind.

I got so distracted by Clovage and Loi-vage's Legs that I'm kinda dippy now LOL

We'll see where the rest of the season goes from here
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