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Re: Why is command wearing blue?

I always found the constant change in uniforms pretty ridiculous. How many times do uniform designs change in real military?

Voyager was the only ship that had the same uniforms for 7 years, and that's just because she was stranded in the Delta Quadrant. Picard's Enterprise(s) went through 4 uniform designs in 8 years. They even had two different uniforms scattered randomly across the officers at the same time in Generations, which is the peak of unbelievability, I guess.

So the TWOK design is the "most successful" uniform design, it stayed from the 2280s to the 2350s. While all the others barely made it 3-4 years average.

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Was it just me, or was Admiral Pike's new dress uniform at the very end of the movie somewhat reminiscent of the one Kirk wore at the start of TMP?
Yep, they did that on purpose.
Can you cite a source? I'm all ears for an interview with the costume designer.
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