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Re: Everyone leaves L&O:CI?!

Thank god. I don't watch Criminal Intent largely because I can't stand D'Onofrio. Goldblum is cool though.

Timby wrote: View Post
bigdaddy is right about the Law & Order franchise in general, though: This is almost guaranteed to be Vanilla's final year on the air, given its budgetary woes and its move to the Friday night graveyard, and I don't think there's any chance of SVU continuing beyond the expiration of Meloni and Hargitay's contracts in two years.
Hey, Law & Order has already survived a move to the Friday night death slot once, around Season 17 or 18. It can survive again. Besides, it's not like NBC has anything else that it can rely on. Why do you think they ceded an entire 3rd of their weekday prime time lineup to The Jay Leno Show? Plus, since NBC-Universal also owns the franchise, it's in their interests to keep it on the air so they can keep selling it into syndication & DVDs. (Isn't that the same reason why ABC has kept Scrubs on way past its expiration date?)

Still, I agree SVU will have a lot of problems when Stabler & Benson leave.

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Whatever happens to the broadcasts, I hope they step it way the fuck up in terms of DVD releases. SVU must be a huge hit in that regard, since now ALL of its seasons are out on DVD except for the current one. But the other shows? Glacially slow pace of release. L&O (prime) is in its 20th season on air, but only 6 seasons have made it to DVD. And CI has only four seasons out - 1, 2, 3 and 5.
There are 7 seasons of the original Law & Order out on DVD, Seasons 1-6 plus Season 14. Only the 1st 3 seasons of Criminal Intent are on DVD, although Season 4 is slated for release later this year. But I agree Universal needs to pick up the fucking pace!!!

Aragorn wrote: View Post
Maybe Law & Order can move to the CW, and the setting can be high school where a young rebellious biker Jack McCoy gets teamed up with studious Catholic Lennie Briscoe. Under the tutelage of history teacher Adam Schiff, they bring law and order to the school. Often with their shirts off. And McCoy also has his own personal subplot of having a torrid affair with his hot political science teacher Nora Lewin, while Briscoe is often butting heads with jock Ben Stone.
I'd watch it. Hell, I'll watch anything with Jack McCoy.
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