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Re: Smallville 9x01 "Savior" - Discuss/Grade <SPOILERS>

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Clark tells Jor-El he's ready to start his training, but Jor-El sends him back to Metropolis to cut ties with Lois before he can begin.

This is puzzling, especially since it sounds like this occurs before Lois makes her return. I would think that given their history, Jor-El would want him to cut his ties with Chloe over Lois.

Could this be a misprint or typo? Guess we'll find out in an hour.
Maybe Jor-El is a Clark/Chloe shipper? After all, Chloe did profess her love for Clark to him when she was appealing for him to restore Kara's memories back in season 7. And he was moved to grant her request because of it.
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