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Re: Everyone leaves L&O:CI?!

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That was my favorite bit: L&O was absolutely character-proof - there *was* no characterization. That's why I liked it so much - the story was literally everything.
There were some rumors that Chris Noth wasn't re-upped on the mothership show because he became too popular on a "character-proof" show.
Hmmm. I always thought it was just because he didn't get on with Dick Wolf. Oh well, I liked Logan better on CI anyway. (One of the reasons I hope CI gets it in gear for DVD release, so they'll get to the Logan episodes...)
Whatever differences he might have had with Dick Wolf, I presume they must have patched things up more or less, considering his return to the Law & Order universe in CI. Granted, it seems like Wolf is less involved with CI (I gather that Rene Balcer is the head honcho there), but I'm sure he's around some of the time. Plus, they were both on Inside the Actor's Studio together (along with S. Epatha Merkerson), which may not mean a heck of a lot, but it didn't seem like there was any great tension between them.

As for this news about CI, I'm a little surprised all these changes are happening so close together, but it doesn't really affect me any. I'm never quite sure when CI is on (I've only seen one of Goldblum's episodes so far), and accordingly, I only watch it sporadically, whereas I watch the other two fairly regularly.

I almost didn't notice that the original Law & Order has its season premiere tonight. I guess I'll tune in -- I'm just dying to find out if Jack McCoy got re-elected.
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