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Everyone leaves L&O:CI?!

Almost everyone...

“Law & Order: Criminal Intent” is planning dramatic cast changes for next season, with four regulars, including star Vincent D’Onofrio, departing.
D’Onofrio is expected to exit sometime during the series’ upcoming ninth season, handing over his badge to Jeff Goldblum as the top detective on the major case squad.
Kathryn Erbe, who, like D’Onofrio, has been with the show since its beginning and plays his long-suffering partner Alex Eames, also will be phased out, as will Eric Bogosian, who plays the force’s captain, Danny Ross.
As previously reported, Julianne Nicholson, who played Goldblum’s partner but has just had a baby, her second, also is leaving. She’s being replaced by British actress Saffron Burrows.

I'm glad Jeff Goldblum is staying, he is awesome, and I'm glad Vincent D’Onofrio is leaving because I hate him. I'm really sad to seeJ ulianne Nicholson leave because she was great with Goldblum, plus she is being replaced with Saffron Burrows who I cannot stand! She was the worst character ever on Boston Legal, and if you watch Boston Legal there were a lot of characters.

Why this show is still on the air I do not get. I would just cancel it and movie Goldblum to L&O. Then when NBC cancels L&O this year it can move to USA.
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