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Re: Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut!

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I'd be happy if this included all three cuts of the film.
Unfortunately so few DVDs do this...That's why the Alien set, Blade Runner, Terminator 2, etc. are among my favorite DVDs. I am totally happy to pay for a cut of a film I haven't seen, but let me also have the original cut I am familiar with just incase the new cut doesn't quite do it for me. That's why I've never bothered buying Director's/Extended Cuts of films on DVD cause...I have no idea what I am paying for!
Agreed for the most part, though there are some exceptions.
The extended "Kingdom of Heaven" dvd for example. The theatrical version isn't really worth bothering with by comparison, so I'm glad it's not in the set.

On a related note, I was quite surprised when I bought a copy of 'The Mist' (great flick) to find the second disc had the exact same film, but in black and white. A bit of an odd choice I thought.
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