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Re: Crossovers that never happened but you wish would

I like to think that Mac MacDonald's character from Aliens is Captain Hollister from Red Dwarf. The reason why he has such a short temper in Aliens is because it's his last day with Weyland-Yutani before shipping out to join the Jupiter Mining Corporation (narrowly missing the subsequent alien massacre). Now, you may point out that the character in Aliens wears a name badge that says, "Simpson." I argue that that is Captain Hollister's real name. I refer you to the scene in "Back in the Red, Part III" where Captain Hollister admits in his personal log that he used to be "Dennis the donut boy" before he blackmailed his way to the Captaincy.

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Maybe there'll be one between the original and UK versions of Law & Order.
Which would be very weird since all of the episodes of the British version are remakes of really old episodes from the 1st few seasons of the American version (back when Ben Stone was the lead prosecutor instead of Jack McCoy).

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I would have loved to see a DS9/TNG crossover, during TNG's seventh season. I'm suprised they never did one. It could have been a big two hour epic. There were a few comic book crossover stories.
Well, there were some crossovers technically, although never a large scale one. There was one episode in season six of TNG that took place on DS9 and featured Bashir. Quark appeared on TNG once as well. And of course, several TNG characters appeared on DS9.

I know that's not what you mean though. What do you think would've been the big plot?
They did sort of bounce that Maquis plotline between the 2 shows. The controversial treaty with the Cardassians was first introduced on TNG in "Journey's End." This lead to the formation of the Maquis on DS9 in "The Maquis, Parts I & II." After that, the TNG crew encountered the Maquis in "Preemptive Strike."
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