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Re: Treking through all Star Trek

Series: Enterprise - Season One
Episode: “Unexpected”
Trek Installment # 4
Grade: D+
Date: September 16, 2009

Ship gets stalked by some moochers. Trip goes over to help ‘em, gets trippy, takes a nap. Fixes engine. Has telepathic contact with an alien lady. Gets knocked up. They try and find the baby mama. Bump into Klingons. Hilarity ensues.

I think this episode has a nice premise and really could have been used to really show off just how strange an alien species can be and just how being intimate with one can be so much more wild and gross than with regular humans. In fact, the Xyrillian’s are nice and alien, with small little differences that make them above the standard “forehead of the week.”

Unfortunately, those differences don’t exactly make up for the fact that the episode devolves into typical pregnancy clichés that are supposed to be more funny because they’re coming from a dude. Seriously, this would have been a great chance to play around with ideas of abortion, adoption, surrogacy, or even just baby mama drama. Instead . . . it gets real stupid real fast.

The introduction of the holodeck always bothered me here. I’m assuming something happened to the Xyrillians that prevented them from joining the Federation and giving us some of that tech for a while. And obviously the Klingons just thought it was useless and buried it.

One thing I liked about this episode were the problems the Enterprise was having in the beginning. It would have been nice if this was an on-going thing – like the ship was just a constant work-in-progress.

K’tinga-class vessel? Really? Thanks for the info, Memory-Alpha.

T’Pol gets some nice moments, like her exchange with Phlox about human food and when she’s chiding Trip in sickbay. Not to mention standing up for Archer on the bridge – it’s good to see her getting integrated with the crew.

So, yeah, it gets a D+ . . . in spite of my wife stating that there were “funny moments.”

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