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Re: Is Comcast going to implode?

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Been meaning to post this for a while...but i was wondering if anyone else feels like COmcast might be the next big corporation to implode:
  • ridiculous commercials (though my 4 year old seems fascinated by them)
  • Poor service (multiple outages)
  • Rising prices (such as on demand movies; costing now $4.99 and up; Redbox is only $1, and seems to have as good a selection)
  • Unneeed monopoly (in CHicago, CLTV, a 24/[really 13 3/4 hour] Chicago area news channel can ONLY be seen on COmcast)
  • Lackluster On Deman COntent
  • semi-randomly assigned channel numbers (HD channels kinda plopped in between ~ 171 and ~330; groupings that get interrupte by an unrelated channel)
  • Overcharge for HD package
Anyone want to the list? Or am i just disgruntled?
I hope they do. But, as another poster pointed out, as long as people will put up with their crap and pay their ridiculous prices they ain't going anywhere.

My breaking point came 2 1/2 years ago when they moved the NFL Network from the package I had to a trash sports tier that was going to cost me an extra $5 or $6 a month. I wasn't about to pay that in order to see the eight critical late season games the NFL shows on that channel, nor was I going to miss those games.

I'd been an early adopter of cable, and later the HD service. I signed up in the late 70's when they first wired my neighborhood. I told them I was canceling if they didn't give me that channel back. The best offer they'd make was to give me the tier free for 30 days. Nearly 30 years of loyal patronage meant nothing to them. Bye, bye Comcast!

I signed up with DirecTV, and have never looked back. I've got a similar program package, that actually has a few more channels for 75% to 80% of what I had been paying Comcast. Since I was a new customer and signed up for more than a basic programming package they waived all of the installation and equipment lease fees Much better equipment, too. The only downside is that if we have a heavy snow storm, I have to clean the snow off the dish. And there is an occasional very brief outage if there's a heavy thunderstorm moving through the area.
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