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Re: Why is command wearing blue?

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Well, I don't recally seeing many details. It was pretty dark those first few scenes. But IIRC, Kevin was supposed to be a science vessel right? (Atleast I think I head something along those lines.) Maybe Robau, bad ass as he was, had a blue uniform because he was a science officer.
On the official site, it says in the ship's dossier that Kelvin-type vessels were primarily used for survey missions, so that could easily fit with having it crewed and commanded by people with science backgrounds.

On the other hand, the security officer was also wearing blue, so who knows?
That was the security officer? I suppose it works, I'd certainly stop dead in my tracks if he/she/it was chasing me down the corridor, either that or run head first into a wall out of fear.

Gotta say, they did a great job with the aliens in this one.
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