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Re: Captain America Casting Thread

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I still think Chuck's Ryan McPartlin would be perfect for the role, but Hollywood would probably consider him too old at this point (he was born in 1975)
That makes him too young to me.
34? Shit, wasn't Steve Rogers in his early 30s when he became Cap?
Late teens/early 20s (I think the comics most recently gave his birth-year as 1922, which would have made him 18 when he volunteered for Project Rebirth in 1940.

Between the affects of the serum and the general allowed age range, and actor in their mid-20s is about right. Cap is a bit difficult to cast because the actor has to be convey a personality that's a lot older than the character actually is.

I don't have any specific suggestions, but I'd try to find someone new, I think.
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