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Yeah, I said it. Juno sucked.
Again, . Any particular reason or do you just hate small-budget indie films and Canadian actresses?
Diablo Cody's cutesy, sometimes nonsensical dialogue (I was reminded of "honest to blog" while reading a review of this film recently) can be grating. Other elements annoyed me as well. Anti-abortion protester as cutesy (oh, boy, watch me overuse that word here) and loveable? Planned Parenthood volunteer as multi-pierced, tattoo-ladden distributor of kinky condoms? Juno gets pregnant and the most her parental figures can manage is surprise that Michael Cera's character had it in him? And of course the middle-aged man with an interest in Dario Argento films turns out to be a total creeper. I'm no doubt exaggerating some points, but I haven't had the "pleasure" of a second viewing, so I hope you'll forgive me. What a bizarre and vomit-inducing universe.
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