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I don't know, anyone going based on those pictures might be pretty pissed off. I don't recall her wearing that outfit at any point in the movie.

Their biggest mistake was marketing this towards guys. I'm sure plenty of teenaged girls would enjoy it, and it may become something of a cult hit for them on DVD. They should have shown more scenes about the storyline, instead of all of the shots of Megan Fox unzipping her hoodie, etc.

There were even points in the movie itself where it felt like someone was mucking with it from a marketing perspective to get the guys to see it. The much-touted kissing scene is a little pointless and lingers too long. I kind of have a hard time believing that Diablo Cody wrote it into the film like that, in the context of the rest of the movie. They might as well have flashed "THIS IS FOR THE FELLAS!" during that part.

As usual, Cody's dialogue bounced back and forth between being funny and annoying.
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