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Re: Crossovers that never happened but you wish would

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Thomas Magnum on JAG would have been perfect and a sort of passing of the torch for Bellasario's leading men. The plot writes itself...Magnum working for Navel Intelligence somehow gets entangled in a JAG case...too easy.
you know would could be fun, a crossover event designed to bring characters from old much loved shows back to primetime, as your example Magnum PI appears on NCIS
Tom Selleck is, of course, still around and acting. Maybe a story line about Magnum's involvement with Project Pheonix during his time in Vietnam. Because it's probably still classified Thomas Magnum isn't completely forthcoming at first, Special Agent Gibbs gets in his faces, but it just bounces off Magnum. It writes itself.
You know I totally forgot that NCIS was a spinoff of JAG and a Bellasario show. So I guess there's still hope. Seriously I can't believe they never thought of doing that on JAG. It wasn't like Selleck was adverse to doing TV or reprising his Magnum role, so I'm guessing it was either a money or legal issue that prevented it.
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