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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Enterprise

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I always assumed it was for "unproper" reasons. You see, T'Pol left me with the impression of a christian woman with a very puritanical background. And as proper vulcans do considerate humans to be sort of vile... similar to how proper christians used to consider all other races and religions to be vile. So to her, these humans are vile... but like a proper preacher's wife who secretly lusts for the poor handsome catholic boy that her husband and she damn into hell in proper sundays... she's sort of drawn towards humans too.
I think you're right, that is the reason why T'Pol decided to stay, but that decision only makes sense because I've seen the later episodes and know about the darker side of T'Pol's nature, particularly her Trellium addiction. But when Breaking the Ice aired I had no clue why she decided to stay, and I don't think the writers did either.

HopefulRomantic wrote: View Post
There are people who watch Star Trek for the science?

I don't watch it for the science, but it is best when the science makes sense. Besides, they had André Bormanis on the writing staff, although he was the science consultant that allowed Threshold to be made.

However, I can accept the gravity on a comet thing because it was the biggest comet ever encountered by Humans or Vulcans and it had the magical mineral which could have been super dense. It could have had around 0.3g.

Lady Conqueror wrote: View Post
I think Malcolm might have been joking with his loud noise comment.
Except then they showed the explosion with a big bang. I admit I found it a little stupid, but there has always been sound in space in Star Trek and it is just something you have to accept.

Civilization (*˝)

RIANN: We're so backward compared to you.
ARCHER: If you take away our technology we're not that different.
Exactly, and that's why this episode is so dull. These aliens aren't unique or interesting, they have no characteristics that make them unique beyond their technology level. They don't even react interestingly when they find out that aliens walk among them and are mining the planet, Riann isn't phased by it at all. These are some of the most boring aliens I've ever seen on Star Trek.

ARCHER: Starfleet could've sent a probe out here to make maps and take pictures, but they didn't. They sent us so we could explore with our own senses.
Dear gods, I loath that line.

TRAVIS: There's a ship approaching.
T'POL: From where?
TRAVIS: It must have been in a geosynchronous orbit on the other side of the planet.
So these aliens park their ship on the other side of the planet even though they have to fly a shuttle around it to collect crates every night? Makes sense.

Captain's starlog, July 31st, 2151. We've removed the mining equipment from under the shop.
How? Where did you put it? Why didn't the Malurians just send another ship to destroy your puny Earth vessel? This is the embodiment of an episode where everything is neatly wrapped up by the end and Archer gets to fly off into the sunset as the hero of a civilisation. It's a TOS episode and an uninspired one at that.

The Akaali aren't space-faring and it turns out that the Malurians were referenced in TOS as a species that Nomad killed, so neither race will be counted. Archer did go down to a planet when he didn't need to and ended up trapped in a cave and in a firefight, so I'll count that as 1. But he did manage to win a fistfight, which was very surprising!

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