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Re: Crossovers that never happened but you wish would

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There was an episode synopsis about a Law & Order crossover between CI and SVU where Logan appears on SVU, but it never happened.
I think it's weird that Criminal Intent has never done a crossover with the other Law & Order shows. I know the original series & SVU have done a few. Even Trial by Jury did a couple during its extremely short run. (Fontana & Salazar teamed up to discover who shot Ed Green. And then there was a giant 2-part crossover where SVU caught a serial rapist played by Alfred Molina, then Tracy Kibre prosecuted him.)

I also read that one of the later Law & Order/Homicide: Life on the Street crossovers was originally going to be a 3-way with ER. They couldn't arrange it, particularly since all 3 shows both took place and were shot in 3 different cities. Law & Order was in New York. Homicide was in Baltimore. ER was set in Chicago but shot in L.A. Coordinating transportation for the actors & crews was already extremely difficult with just 2 shows, nevermind 3.

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I also once tried to write a Doctor Who/Star Trek: Voyager fanfic, but that was mostly because I wanted to see the Borg fight Daleks & Cybermen and because I wanted to write a scene where the Doctor (David Tennant) meets the Doctor (EMH).
just do it in the holodeck, chances are the computer has episodes of Doctor Who stored somewhere, the EMH can take the role of the EMH (Two Doctors story) with a holographic 10.

obviously the standard "the holodeck has gone wrong" drill is trotted out, and soon Voayger is in danger from a Dalek attack, and only The Two Doctors can save them.
My version didn't rely on the holodeck. Instead, I was able to tie in the respective mythologies of the Borg & the Daleks. The Doctor Who portion took place sort of in the middle of the ending of "Doomsday" (after Rose gets trapped in Pete's world but before the Doctor says his final goodbye to her). The Doctor is patrolling the void when the TARDIS gets pulled into the Star Trek universe by the Borg. It made sense to me that the Borg would be searching other dimensions to find new species to assimilate. We already know that's how they met Species 8472. Now, the Borg have set their sights on the technologically superior Daleks. It seemed the best way to do a crossover would be to put the Doctor into an unfamiliar universe. That way, the Doctor could still be the smartest man in the room but he wouldn't just make the Starfleet people look stupid because they have vital information that he needs because he doesn't have Borg in his universe. In fact, it's Seven's nanoprobes that allow the TARDIS to adapt to an alternative universe energy source to get back home.

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I'd have liked to have seen a full blown Buffy/Angel crossover. Like a TV movie, with both casts fully interacting, not just one person from show A going over to show B
Agreed. I was especially bummed out that no one from Angel other than Angel ever appeared on Buffy, even though minor characters from Buffy like Willow & Oz could appear on Angel and it would be treated like a major event. But I think Angel got the last laugh in the Buffy finale when the First Evil ended up being defeated not by Buffy, Xander, or Willow but by Wolfram & Hart.

I always imagined Gunn, Fred, & Wesley showing up at the end of "Chosen." They arrive in black Wolfram & Hart vans ready to form that 2nd front that Buffy & Angel were talking about, only to find that Sunnydale is already a giant sunken pit. I think Gunn & Fred's reaction to that would have been funny.

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Caliburn24 wrote: View Post
Thomas Magnum on JAG would have been perfect and a sort of passing of the torch for Bellasario's leading men. The plot writes itself...Magnum working for Navel Intelligence somehow gets entangled in a JAG case...too easy.
you know would could be fun, a crossover event designed to bring characters from old much loved shows back to primetime, as your example Magnum PI appears on NCIS

Meanwhile one of the Charlies Angels shows up on Cold Case
Yeah. Those are always fun. I loved the crossover they did on Mad About You where Paul's history of television documentary was narrated by Alan Brady from The Dick Van Dyke Show.

Mysterion wrote: View Post
When Darrin McGavin was still around I really wanted to see Kolchack mett-up with Fox Mulder on the X-Files.
As someone else said, I think this did happen. He wasn't actually Kolchack but McGavin was certainly playing a similar character, a kind of proto-Mulder.

I can't think of a good in-continuity reason for this, but I'd like to see a season of Doctor Who where Catherine Tate plays the companion but each week the companion is a different character from The Catherine Tate Show.
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For that matter, I always wondered what would happen if some of the various characters from The Catherine Tate Show met each other. I can only imagine what ruckus would be caused if Nan Taylor was in the hospital and Bernie was her nurse.
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