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Box Office Mojo on its wretched performance (still under 7m):
Jennifer's Body's advertising campaign exacerbated the situation by pinning its hopes almost entirely on Megan Fox, an actress who was a small cog in the Transformers machine, at the expense of story or more relatable elements. Ads could have appealed more to females, who have been known to drive horror business, through the picture's Mean Girls themes or the character played by Amanda Seyfried, who was minimized. What's more, if Megan Fox is such a fantasy for males, how attractive is it to them to see her as a man-eating demon? Besides, they can get their fix from pictures on the Internet.
(My emphasis.)

Indeed. It might well have done better if it aggressively went after girls, and why not? It's clearly a female-empowerment fable. That poster isn't fooling anyone... especially not with "from the writer of Juno" at the top.

I love Ebert, but he goes a little nuts sometimes, as when he called this "Twilight for boys". Uh, Rog, there already is a "Twilight for boys". It's called The Lord of the Rings.
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