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Re: Is Comcast going to implode?

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I know how you feel about Comcast; I have the same thing with the Cable One monopoly in my town. We only get about 60 network and cable channels, and there's only 25 or so that are available as HD.

Of course, satellite is an option for people who can use it; but in a rural city, you often run into the problems of immovable obstructions to the signal (such as the large number of trees surrounding the house of one of my friends). For me, the problem is that my property is a lightning rod due to an underground river; any satellite dish I put up would be struck by lighting and fried a day or two after installation.

I've been hoping AT&T cable will become available here, but most of the phone lines in my town are still century old copper and thus unable to carry the signal. They are replacing with fiber optics, but it's at a snail's pace; they don't even had an ETA on it (and given that my area still doesn't even have something easy like AT&T 3G, I can't imagine the fiber optics will be finished within the next 15 years).
Even if it's mounted to a wooden 4x4? If so, put an actual lightning rod kinda near it and ground that really good. Lightning should go for that instead.

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I have them for broadband only in Chicago--they've been fine so far.

Back in SF when I had them for broadband and cable, our cable modem died twice (in just over 3 years) but hassle-free replacements fixed the problems quickly.
I bought a Linksys myself, I had read the default ComCast ones were pretty much crap.
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