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Re: Cooking Abomination!! XD

I've had the curdled eggs pudding mishaps before. Always strained the puddings a bit and they tasted fine.

I made my famous (in my family, at least) caramel pecan pie one year...and I forgot the eggs. What resulted was a sticky glop stuck to a pie crust. Funny thing was, it was delicious. We called it "pie candy". I had time to make another pie anyway...

The worst cooking disaster ever for my family I wasn't present for (I was in NY for a choir tour). My mom decided to make a new stuffing for Thanksgiving. We had an exchange student from France living with us at the time, and Mom loved giving her American (especially Southwest) foods. Other guests were invited. Mom thought it would be swell to add jalapeno peppers to the stuffing. The result was inedible. My mom was in tears...partly from the heat of the peppers, partly from being embarassed in front of her guests, partly from being upset at ruining the best part of Thanksgiving dinner next to the turkey! It's a running joke now while we cook together- I'll hold up some dried chilis and she'll just laugh.

ETA- LMAO at Timby's lemon story. I have a similar tale, but I'll save it for later.
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