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Re: Crossovers that never happened but you wish would

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I always wanted a X-files/Twin Peaks crossover, which I think Was actually considered, but fell through for some reason.
Wasn't Twin Peaks off the air when X-Files started?

Maybe you're thinking of the X-Files/Picket Fences crossover that was planned?
I think I read something about this too. It may have involved Mulder and Scully meeting Agent Cooper. Whether Coop was back to normal or was still possessed is unclear.

But wouldn't he have commented on the remarkable similarity between Mulder and Denis(e), the cross-dressing cop?
Alright, I found a Twin Peaks FAQ that may shed some light on this.

Sadly, it appears that this was just an ongoing rumor during The X-files run. Chris Carter was asked directly about this, and said nothing like that was ever in development, although he was a fan of Twin Peaks.

Honestly, I'm a bit suprised. I realise Twin Peaks was off the air by that point , But Agent Cooper was a hugely popular character and would have fit in very well in an ep of the X-files. I doubt they would've gone farther than just having Cooper, and I doubt they ever could've secured the rights, but it would've been great to see.
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