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Re: Treking through all Star Trek

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(yes, I know there's someone else doing the same in this forum, but um . . . I'm different)
Don't worry. I stopped a month ago.

EDIT: Also, if you want to really watch it chronologically, Living Witness comes last (It is the latest set episode that does not involve travel to/from the future)

EDIT2: Here's the list I used in my thread:
ENT Season 1-3 (Without Regeneration)
ENT Season 4, without In a Mirror, Darkly and These are the Voyages
TOS until The Tholian Web
In a Mirror, Darkly (The Defiant, which is the only thing from the Prime Universe in the episode, comes from The Tholian Web)
Rest of TOS
Movies 1-6 and the first bit of Generations
TNG Season 1-5
TNG Season 6 and DS9 Season 1
TNG Season 7 until The Pegasus and DS9 Season 2 until The Alternate
These are the Voyages (Set during The Pegasus)
Rest of TNG Season 7 and DS9 Season 2
DS9 Season 3 until Meridian
Rest of DS9 Season 3 and VOY Season 1
DS9 Season 4 and VOY Season 2
DS9 Season 5 until Things Past and VOY Season 3 until Warlord
First Contact
Rest of DS9 Season 5 and VOY Season 3
DS9 Season 6 and VOY Season 4 (Without Living Witness)
DS9 Season 7 until Covenant and VOY Season 5 until Thirty Days
Rest of DS9 Season 7 and VOY Season 5
VOY Season 6-7
Trek XI (Nero and Spock, the only people from the Prime Universe, are from 2387)
Living Witness (Set in the far future)
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