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Re: Sci-fi book recommendations?


Time and Time Again-Jack Finney

Shakespeare's Planet-Clifford Simak

Norstrillia-Cordwainer Smith

Cowboy Angels- Paul J. McAuley

The Big Time - Fritz Leiber

A Canticle for Liebowitz-Walter Miller

The Forever War-Joe Haldeman

Rainbow's End-Vernor Vinge

The Peace War-Vernor Vinge

The Postman-David Brin

Emergence David R Palmer

Time Enough For Love-R.A.H.

The Time Patrol-Poul Anderson

Flowers For Algernon-Daniel Keyes

Dorsai!-Gordon R Dickinson

Kage Baker's Company series(The Garden Of Iden, et al)

by Ken MaCleod-
  1. Cosmonaut Keep (2000; US paperback ISBN 0-7653-4073-9) -- Clarke Award nominee, 2001 [11]; Hugo Award nominee, 2002 [12]
  2. Dark Light (2001; US paperback ISBN 0-7653-4496-3) -- Campbell Award nominee, 2002 [13]
  3. Engine City (2002; US paperback ISBN 0-7653-4421-1)
And that should keep you busy.
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