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Re: Sci-fi book recommendations?

OK, brother, you asked for it:

The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress-R.A.H.

Santiago:A Myth of the Far Future-Mike Resnick

1632-Eric Flint(and the Universe he created, try Baen'sBar for free e-versions)

Little Fuzzy-H Beam Piper
Paratime- "
Federation- "
Empire- "

The Coming Of the Quantum Cats-Pohl(?)

anything by Allen Steele, anything at all

The Mote In God's Eye-Pournelle/Niven

Axis of Time trilogy by John Birmingham

Island In the Sea of Time by S M Stirling(actually, most of his stuff is good although some of his last 2 trilogies is a little heavy-handed)

Conquistador-S M Stirling

The Peshwar Lancers-Stirling

Freehold- Michael Z Williams

Old Man's War-John Scalzi

Startide Rising/The Uplift War-David Brin

Stirling's Draka series(only available in omnibus form new, very expensive individual novels used)-some of the most horrifying alt hist stories I've ever read.

The Chronicles of Amber-Roger Zelazny

Flash Forward-Robert Sawyer

Desolation Road-Ian McDonald

The Riverworld series-Phillip Jose Farmer

Starborn-Andre Norton

Armageddon Blues-Daniel Keyes Moran

BOLO-Keith Laumer

The Stainless Steel Rat-K Laumer

The Guns of the South- Harry Turtledove

Pavane-Keith Roberts

The Lord Darcy series by Randall Garrett

Lest Darkness Fall-L Sprague DeCamp
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