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Sci-fi book recommendations?

I started a thread like this once upon a time, and got a lot of great feedback. Sad thing is due to the pruning of old (partially of my own doing) the thread got lost, and I am slow.

But pruning is a thing of old, and I need to try this again!

So I ask for any suggestions for sci-fi books, to read, I'm eager for a new read.

If any of you have read the Tenebrea Trilogy by Roxann Dawson and Daniel Graham, I loved this. Loved it.

I guess that could be described as sci-fi drama and space opera. I want more of that.

While I love complicated TV, I'm not so good with complicated books. I like a complicated story, but find with books if there's too many characters I get confused and switch off. BUT, if I do get engaged then I commit and love it.

Any suggestions from you all?
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