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Re: Season 3 Blu-Ray: December 15

So we've got 24 episodes in Season 3. Seamless branching to original and remastered versions. Usual extras brought over from previous DVD release. Then there's 'The Cage' as a restored version also in two forms. On top of that, the 1986 recontructed B&W/Colour edition with Roddenberry intro and last word.

Now... *very excited if confirmed* the never before officially released 'Where No Man Has Gone Before' 2nd Pilot print? What the one with those Quinn Martin-style opening captions? Completely restored to better than new condition? Amazing!

Now this would bring the disc count up to the exact same available as S1... with little room to spare, if I'm not mistaken. Probably taken up by that Comic Con and roundtable material.

I would be really pushing my luck, sounding dead ungrateful, if I moaned they didn't include ENT 'In A Mirror, Darkly I & II' in full 1080p as an extra to 'The Tholian Web' (also to promote whenever CBS plan to release the next logical Trek on Blu ray)!
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