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Re: Crossovers that never happened but you wish would

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Would have enjoyed seeing President Jed Bartlet being briefed on the Stargate program.?
I always want to see that

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I also once tried to write a Doctor Who/Star Trek: Voyager fanfic, but that was mostly because I wanted to see the Borg fight Daleks & Cybermen and because I wanted to write a scene where the Doctor (David Tennant) meets the Doctor (EMH).
just do it in the holodeck, chances are the computer has episodes of Doctor Who stored somewhere, the EMH can take the role of the EMH (Two Doctors story) with a holographic 10.

obviously the standard "the holodeck has gone wrong" drill is trotted out, and soon Voayger is in danger from a Dalek attack, and only The Two Doctors can save them.
Im Proud of the BBC
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