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Re: Blu-Ray Player (Yes this topic again)

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Six reasons why the Sony PS3 Slim shouldn't be your Blu-ray player:
So the PS3 shouldn't be my Blu-ray player because it can't play PS2 games, something I don't give a monkey's ass about?

At least their other points are somewhat valid.
That's debatable in it's self.

Sure you can get players for under $200 but do they include networking (both cable and wifi) and the hard disk for media storage?

Sure that's in the article about 5 reasons why you it but if you're going to make claims like that you should compare apples with apples.

And so the remote isn't backlit? Unless you by a u-bute universal remote how many of your remotes are backlit.

And while working on blue tooth alone might be a pain I can also understand why sony went that way.
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