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Re: Treking through all Star Trek

Series: Enterprise - Season One
Episode: “Fight or Flight”
Trek Installment # 2
Grade: C+
Viewing Date: September 15, 2009

I felt this was a decent episode, though nothing really too exciting. The plot itself is fairly generic, but the characters shine in. T’Pol is very clearly the voice of reason, despite what Archer thinks. First contact with the Axanar is neat and I like how it plays with the idea that not every alien speaks English as had been presented quite a bit before hand.

I really liked Sato in this episode and she shined in just about all of her scenes. It’s refreshing to have someone whose not all gung-ho about being in space. In particular, the scene where she tries to come up with excuses not to go is well done in that not only does it reveal more about her character but also shows up that Archer is very unlike most captains. Picard, Kirk, Sisko, and Janeway would have simply been like “Get over it and put your suit on.” Whereas Archer takes the time to talk to her and listen to her, but still maintaining the same “get over it” stance.

The conflict in it of itself is appropriately over their heads. I like that we saw the Axanar, but not the fluid stealing aliens. That being said, the conflict resolves itself rather magically. Hoshi needs to get over her doubts by doing something stupid like talking to them rather texting – even though it shouldn’t actually be that way because if she can’t write and she knows she can’t speak it, then what’s the difference? Tone? Hmmm. Not explained. And then, just as the Axanar get off their first couple of shots, the targeting scanners miraculously work again. A little too clean an ending, if you ask me.

The Sluggo subplot was fun, though.
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