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Re: Why is Firefly's Cancellation So Unforgiveable?

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Yes but one thing you have to understand the tv business is different then it was in the early 90's. With the cost of production soaring and audience levels dropping (and ad rates not increasing like cost) networks don't have the financial cushion that they once had. They can't give shows a large amount of time to find an audience.
Still doesn't explain why Fox didn't renew the show once it exploded onto the DVD market (warranting a 30 million $ movie).

It showed there was tremendous amount of word of mouth (i was responsible for at least 5 DVD boxes bought and had friends telling me of this "awesome show they found" only it to be revealed that it was Firefly without ever having a run on mainstream german TV) and there are very few people who really dislike it.. i sure never have met one who wouldn't watch it.

This right there could have been a gold mine.. interest was there, all the actors were available yet Fox passed on a good show.

This is what i can't understand.. i can understand an expensive SF show being axed for it not being a huge success and watercooler talk for the next day but after it having gained widespread recognition once the DVD box was out and not bringing it back seems like waste.
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