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Re: Why is Firefly's Cancellation So Unforgiveable?

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FOX is... all together, bad.

They're a bad news network. They're a bad TV network. They're a bad business network. They're all run badly.
Exactly why we need antitrust to break up these monopolies.

Network FOX seems to be run by impatient 8 year olds. They got spoiled very early on, which is the root of things. Many FOX station carried TNG in it's first run syndication, when they had little of their own programming. It introduced them to sci-fi and very good ratings. Then they did X-Files, which again, sci-fi and very good ratings. Those two shows basically convinced them, sci-fi was super-ratings. So when they put a sci-fi show on that failed to achieve such heights? It got the axe quickly. Because they couldn't give anything a fair shake.
The X-Files was a show for mundanes; that's why it lasted a long time. It wasn't made for sci-fi fans, just mundanes. See any weird aliens in it? Anybody like G'Kar or Zhann? No, and the mundanes liked it that way. Why didn't the Paul McGann Doctor Who movie make it on Fox? For the same reason.

Hell, the only sci-fi show not to be cancelled on FOX in recent years, prior to Fringe, was Dark Angel. And it only got a second season because it was Jim Cameron's, and he had enough pull to keep it around that long. Otherwise it would have died in season 1 too.
Never underestimate the power of a director/writer who made the most popular high-grossing movie of all time

The sad fact is, FOX is the only network to regularly give true sci-fi shows a shake; none of the other networks want to touch it. After LOST in 2004, they all tried here and there, but no one made a complete effort.
But that doesn't negate the fact that it's a shitty network all the same, that treats sci-fi like crap.
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