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Re: Blu-Ray Player (Yes this topic again)

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I went for the Sony BDP S-350
Another thing about purchasing a Blu-ray player now

Sony BDP S-350 rear panel

The unit will provide a downconverted signal for standard definition televisions via S-Video, or composite video out.
Yes it costs more than a DVD player but basically you are HDTV-ready for when you purchase an HDTV. And you are also future-proofing your growing video library say if you purchase the Star Trek XI Blu-ray in a couple of months you won't have to feel like you are double dipping to move from DVD to Blu-ray of that Trek film after you purchase a HDTV and then a Blu-ray player in a few years.
and you also get access to the BD-Live features that are included with Blu-ray disc purchases that you don't get with DVDs.
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