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Re: Blu-Ray Player (Yes this topic again)

^^^Some of the reason is that article are not well researched,
Backwards compatibility has been out of all PS3 since October 2007 and was only ever fully included in the US/Asia/ models and partly in the EU/UK models.....Plus the noise level on the new slim is fantastic and with it using less power than the old Phat models its produces a lot less heat.

I traded in my old 60gig for a slim because the fans had become really loud and the difference between the new slim and the old model noise wise is like chalk and cheese, i also like the PS3 as a BR player because it plays almost all media and you can store it all on the upgradable HDD.

But the lack of a remote in the box is a minus although the joy-pad works fine, but it will see you having to fork out a few bob more if you really want that remote, i went for a third party one which was quite cheap, smaller in size and works perfectly.

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