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Crossovers that never happened but you wish would

A couple crossovers I had recently thought about crossing over a few recent cop dramas.

I'd love to see a Bones/Castle crossover. I think it could work, particularly since Castle & Brennan are both novelists. I think it would be funny if they knew each other from some previous literary event. Plus, it would be fun to see David Boreanaz & Nathan Fillion on screen together-- an epic battle of Joss Whedon's leading men!

I also think it would be funny to see some sort of detective team up between John Munch from Law & Order: SVU, Charlie Crews from Life, & Mr. Monk. In particular, I'd like to see Munch's conspiratorial take on Crews' wrongful imprisonment.

From longer ago, I came up with a 7 Days/X-Files crossover (with a tiny smidgen of Stargate SG-1 thrown in). Basically, Parker Backsteps to save Senator Kinsey and in the process also saves Scully. Parker & Scully start dating, so Olga starts flirting with Mulder to try to make Parker jealous. Meanwhile, Mulder & the Lone Gunmen investigate Project Backstep.

I also once tried to write a Doctor Who/Star Trek: Voyager fanfic, but that was mostly because I wanted to see the Borg fight Daleks & Cybermen and because I wanted to write a scene where the Doctor (David Tennant) meets the Doctor (EMH).

I'm not sure how yet but I'm hoping that, in some way, Mag from Dollhouse turns out to be the same person as Codex from The Guild. Also, just once, I'd like to see Wolfram & Hart show up on a list of Dollhouse clients.

What crossovers would you like to see?
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