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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Enterprise

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I didn't even notice Archer getting in the way of his own orders, but having studies physics for a year, I was really pissed off by the comet's gravity. There should hardly be any to speak off, and they should use lines to prevent themselves from floating into space when they jump too enthusiastically. I was able to ignore it at first though by thinking that they have magnets in their boots that are attracted to ice or something, but then Travis managed to break his leg. Even though he weighed about 15 grams. And when the shuttle (weighing about 400 grams) started caving in the comet, it really seemed like they were going out of their way to annoy me by making even the most implausible explanations wrong.
The physics of it bothered even me, who passed the class because of the pure sympathy of a sweet teacher. What chapped my *ss was the fact that the two of them open the gull wing hatch of the shuttle, climb in, and immediately take off their helmets. Even though all of the heat and atmosphere would have whooshed out of the shuttle.

And as I mentioned in the Worst Lines thread over yonder: "Call the Vulcans and let them know we're about to make a very loud noise." Except, THERE IS NO SOUND IN SPACE!!!

Now, the answering schoolkids' questions scene, I could watch that all day. (Admit it, you always wanted to know where the poop goes. And it's a brilliant solution.) Makes me happy every time.

(and, I would have poked that Vulcan captain in the eye with my fork. What a jerk. Even T'Pol was like, Please stop embarrassing me, Uncle Vanik. Okay?)
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