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Thanks for the update, Dennis. I'm interested to see what may emerge as a financial way to create film and theater for the net. While Fan films may raise audience awareness of a filmmaker, they are inherently money-losers.

It's good to remember that it can take a few years for these formats to develop. I like to remind people that Bill Gates formed Microsoft in 1976, give or take a couple of years, but that as late as 1983, it was a service company selling the service of writing software, because there was no good way to hold intellectual property rights to software (I published a paper on the subject around that time). In fact, he offered to sell the company to IBM around that time for $10 million, and they refused, because they felt Microsoft had no inherent value.

The moral of the story is, hang onto your copyrights. If you create film, if you licence it's rights broadly, do it for a limited time, or licence them narrowly. If you are selling the rights to streaming video, don't include rights to media not yet created or to show it on cable TV. It's not impossible that you won't see your money back in 10 years, will barely have it back in 15, and will be a zillionaire from it in 25.
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