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Breaking the Ice (***)

I'm left asking the same question I had the first time I saw this episode; why is T'pol staying on Enterprise? Is it because of the pie? The episode contained a lot of reasons why she should go back to Vulcan and absolutely zero reasons why she wants to stay aboard the ship, but we know that she's content to stay because she ate some pie? Is the pie really that good? Is it a magic pie? Is it a Janeway pi? Oh wait, Janeway pi wont exist for another 200 years so that can't be it.

Can you guess that I'm still taking medication?

Anyway, this is a nice character episode which is a little ruined by the fact that T'Pol just decides to stay with no reason given.
I always assumed it was for "unproper" reasons. You see, T'Pol left me with the impression of a christian woman with a very puritanical background. And as proper vulcans do considerate humans to be sort of vile... similar to how proper christians used to consider all other races and religions to be vile. So to her, these humans are vile... but like a proper preacher's wife who secretly lusts for the poor handsome catholic boy that her husband and she damn into hell in proper sundays... she's sort of drawn towards humans too.

I'm not saying she wants to have wild group sex with Trip, Malcolm and Archer. I'm saying that she's drawn towards humans because it's "unproper". I sort of could have made the same point with evangelical family, who believes that Harry Potter will damn you into hell, where the kids secretly read Harry Potter and have all sorts of guilty feelings. But I just didn't and it's too late now.

In Fusion, there's a flashback where T'Pol goes secretly into a jazz bar... and the way she acts is just like that "sinful christian" way. Pervertedly sexual. Not in whorish-slutty way. Just that she acts like a person who's enjoying something that can be enjoyed in an innocent and pure way, and she feels guilty about, and that guilt turns that experience, which could be purifying and innocent, into semi-sexual perverted experience. bluedana had an interesting post about it -

I see vulcans of Enterprise as prisoners of their imperialistic puritanical envangelical species-ist culture. But T'Pol is sort of finding the inner liberal. Perhaps that was too loaded. What I'm trying to say that T'Pol's coming to an awakening that a vulcan doesn't have to be what the Official Vulcan Identity says that a vulcan should be. And to have an awakening, one needs to already have a doubt and a desire for something different... and that's why she wants to stay with humans.
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