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Re: Cooking Abomination!! XD

I watched my Mom poach a salmon that way. Wrapped it in tin foil (several times) and put it in the top rack and turned on the dishwasher. It worked, actually. No soap, no other dishes in it---just turned on hot wash.

My hubby, in his brilliance, decided to make meatloaf one night, even though we had NOTHING in the house but ketchup, one egg and ground beef. So, to make it stick together, he crushed up a whole box of Cheez-Its and used it instead of cornmeal or breadcrumbs. It was fairly vile, and I tease him about it to this day.

And then there was the time hubby wanted brined pork chops. No problem, right? Well, it was, when instead of putting in sugar and salt, I got distracted and put the salt in TWICE. And I didn't realize it until we were actually eating it.

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