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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Enterprise

Breaking the Ice (***)

I'm left asking the same question I had the first time I saw this episode; why is T'pol staying on Enterprise? Is it because of the pie? The episode contained a lot of reasons why she should go back to Vulcan and absolutely zero reasons why she wants to stay aboard the ship, but we know that she's content to stay because she ate some pie? Is the pie really that good? Is it a magic pie? Is it a Janeway pi? Oh wait, Janeway pi wont exist for another 200 years so that can't be it.

Can you guess that I'm still taking medication?

Anyway, this is a nice character episode which is a little ruined by the fact that T'Pol just decides to stay with no reason given. Another thing which harms this episode is Captain Clueless. First he orders Hoshi to decode the message T'Pol received and tells her that it is a priority, but then he wastes five minutes of her time on a message to a bizarre school address for this little island. (We call them "primary" schools as opposed to "elementary" and we call the years "class" as opposed to "grade". But hey, it's the future, we're bound to have been invaded by the yanks by then. And at least they went for the name of a real town rather than the mapping debacle I had with Fair Haven.) Later Archer tells Trip to have his important personal conversation with T'Pol and right in the middle he calls her and pulls her away. He's getting in the way of his own orders.

Then he blows up at some Vulcan captain because he's quiet during dinner. If Archer can't handle known traits of aliens he has encountered his whole life then he's probably not the man you want out there representing your whole species to alien races, some of whom have some very big guns.

There's also a story about Reed and Mayweater on a comet and that provides some fun for the show, it is nice to see humans goofing about during a mission. It's endearing. However, Mayweather falls and breaks his foot while climbing out of a 2m high crater, but isn't he the experienced rock-climber? It seems almost like every time that guy even goes near a rock-wall he ends up breaking something.
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